Cultivating a holistic work-life balance

Designing with purpose for business travelers, always coming and going. We transformed the experience of car travel to help passengers decompress. Our connection with traveling should be seamless enough to eliminate post-arrival fatigue.


This vehicle represents a new era of long distance travel. Meant to compete with air travel in business class the interior of the vehicle shows a very different layout to a traditional car. There's space for two main occupants that can transform their section of the interior into either a work or a relaxing environment. This is achieved through various functions like the central divider, the dynamic backrest and the disappearing tables and seats.


a  Sound dampening fabric
b  Wood embedded display
c  Breathable mesh structure
d  Divider with main display


The primary focus of the Orbis user experience design is the balance between work efficiency and leisure. The itinerary is automatically planned through the mobile phone terminal in day and night two-way mode. The in-car interface and dial and other components can quickly enter the meeting, adjust the backrest according to the health status and an intelligent AI shows nearby ports and entertainment projects.


To convey the concept of duality, there is a vehicle to architecture port. The VW Orbis port encompasses living and leisure areas for the user to have a seamless experience. The living port involves a main space for the vehicle serving as the bedroom and workspace at the same time. Each occupant will have their own space. The leisure port integrates conference areas for meetings, garden space for relaxation as well as other entertainments.


Bamboo wood is the main material because it is sustainable and can quickly regenerate. In addition to that, concrete is used for radiant heating and cooling through the floor. All materials including marble , paint and carpet are certified low VOC, durable and free of toxins. Sage glass is used throughout the building because it acts as a photovoltaic glass that generates electricity. Lastly the circadian lighting works to synchronize and strengthen the circadian rhythm for the occupants.